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Projects and Grants List

Grants and Projects
YearProject TitleFunding AgencyAmount Funded
2022-2024Project Title: “Privacy Preserving Digital Agriculture". With A/Prof. J. Lipman, Dr. N. Shariati, Dr. D. Franklin and Prof. M. PiccardiFood Agility CRC and Bosch$1,500,000
2021-2022Project Title: “Farm-wide Wi-Fi: Next Generation RF and Antenna Technologies for Enhancing Rural and Agricultural Connectivity". With Dr. N. Shariati and A/Prof. J. LipmanFood Agility CRC$200,000
2021-2024Project Title: “Field Data based Predictive Maintenance and Enhanced Track Design Procedure". With Distinguished Professor B. Indraratna, Dr. Y. Qi, Prof C. Rujikiatkamjorn, Prof. Jinsong HuangARC Linkage Project with Industry Partners: Rail Corporation New South Wales, Bestech Australia Pty Ltd, Bentley Systems Pty Ltd, SMEC Australia Pty Ltd$1,098,000
2021Project Title: “Multi-band MIMO Antenna for Enabling Long-range Communications in Rural and Remote Areas". With Dr. N. Shariati and A/Prof. J. LipmanDepartment of Industry, Innovation and Science (Innovation Connections) and Zetifi Pty. Ltd.$104,000
2021-2022Project Title: “Blockchain based Workflow and Policy Management Platform". With Prof. Ren ping Liu, Dr. X WangBritish Telecom$93,000
2021-2024Project Title: “IoT Enabled Digital Twin MPC System Development for Industry 4.0 Applications". with A/Prof. J. Lipman and Dr. N. ShariatiAvesta Consulting Pty. Ltd.$115,000
2021Project Title: “Designing self-powered agriculture sensor for remote sensing purposes".Food Agility CRC$26,250
2020-2021Project Title: “Blockchain enabled inventory management – A Pilot Project". With Prof. Ren ping Liu, Dr. X Wang and A/Prof. T ZhuBritish Telecom$90,984
2020-2023Project Title: “Sustainable Energy Solution for Smart Farms: Efficient RF Energy Harvester for Wearable loT Devices". With N. Shariati, J. Lipman and E. DutkiewiczFood Agility CRC Limited$135,000.00
2020-2023Project Title: “Intelligent frost prediction and active protection through cyber-physical systems in the agricultural sector". With A/Prof. Justin LipmanFood Agility CRC Limited$30,000.00
2019-2020Project Title: “Low Power IoT Design for Remote Telemetry". With J. Lipman and N. ShariatiDepartment of Industry, Innovation and Science (Innovation Connections) and FluidIntel Pty Ltd$100,579.00
2019-2022Project Title: “Extending the Lifetime of Remotely Deployed Sensors Using RF Energy Harvesting)". With N. ShariatiFood Agility CRC Limited$45,000.00
2019-2020Project Title: “Defence against Data & Device Integrity Attacks in Internet of Things (IoT)"Food Agility CRC Limited$7,500
2019-2020Project Title: “Responsive Passenger Information System - Stage 2". With Harvard, H., Warren, S., Moutou, C., Zeibots, M., Lipman, J.Rail Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (RMCRC)$499,878.00
2018-2019Project Title: “Remote Tank Diagnostics and Insight". With A/Prof. Justin LipmanFluidIntel Pty Ltd and DIISR$107,795
2018Project Title: “Wireless Data Delivery for Workplace Wearable Technology" with J. Lipman and N. ShariatiPreventure Pty Ltd$100,738
2018Project Title:“IoT-enabled water controller research and implementation"WaterCo Pty Ltd.$33,421.00
2018Project Title:“Comprehensive Cloud Application"WaterCo Pty Ltd.$136,340.00
2018Project Title:“Scheduler UI/UX research and implementation"WaterCo Pty Ltd.$23,000
2017-2018Project Title:“Blockchain based IoT for Supply Chain”. With Prof. Ren Ping LiuUltimo Digital Technologies Pty Ltd.$181,921.00
2017Project Title:“Scalable IoT Platform for Remote Monitoring in Smart Homes”.Innovation connection grant with WaterCo Pty. Ltd$138,000
2017Project Title:“SydTrains RPI system scoping study”.Rail Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (RMCRC)$500,000
2016-2017Project Title:“Cloud-based IoT for Remote Monitoring in Smart Homes”.Innovation connection grant with WaterCo Pty. Ltd$122,000
2017Project Title:“High Reliability Communication over 5G Unlicensed”.Huawei Innovation Research Program (HIRP), Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.$95,000
2016-2020Project Title:“Ultra-Reliable and Cost-Effective Communication Infrastructure for Future Internet of Things (IoT)-Based Railway Applications”.Rail Manufacturing CRC Project Funding With UTS$171,000
2015Project Title:“Test bed for wide-area software defined networking research”.ARC LIEF (LE150100030)$270,000
2015Project Title:“MegaCharge”.Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN)$24,000
2014Project Title: “Collaborative Sensing and Information Delivery in Future Internet of Things”.  With Dr. Justin Lipman.Intel IT Research China and UTS$110,000
2013Submission of a Group Missions EoI application to UTS research office.Project Aim: “To develop a new program of research and collaboration in the area of Wearable Computing and Body Area Networking” with Shanghai Jao Tong University and Intel R&D Labs in China.UTS$7,000
2012UTS RIBG grant to support the purchase of Wireless Sensor networking Equipment. With A/Prof. K. Sandrasegaran. X. Kong.UTS RIBG Grant$40,000
2012Internally funded UTS partnership grant with Partner Organisation Ecoseal Developments Pty Ltd.Project Title: “Investigation of the improvement of sustainable management of groundwater resources through use of next generation water quality loggers.Project Team: K. Sandrasegaran, D. Lowe, M. Abolhasan and J. Punthakay. UTS partnership project.UTS Partnership project with Ecoseal Developments Pty. Ltd.$30,000
2009-2012Project Title: “Information sharing and Service Delivery for In-vehicle platforms”Smart Services CRC$84,000
2008-2012Project Title: “Novel Architecture for Next Generation Wireless Relay Networks”ARC DP Project$295,000
2011Internally funded UTS partnership grant with Partner Organisation: Enex TestLab.Project Title: “Performance testing of broadband networks”.UTS Partnership project with Enex TestLab.$30,000
2010Enterprise Connect, Researcher in Business Grant. Title: SPLCC project. With Partech Systems Pty. Ltd.Enterprise Connect, Partech System Pty. Ltd.$97000
2009Project Title:” Communication Architecture for Mission Critical Systems”.UoW Partnership Project with Partech Systems Pty. Ltd.$16,000
2008-2009Project Title:“In-vehicle Service Delivery"Smart Services CRC$128,000
2007-2009Project Title: “Utilising Technology”Ninti One and Desert Knowledge CRC$50,000
2006-2009Project Title: “Sparse Ad-Hoc network for Deserts (SAND)” Phase IIDesert Knowledge CRC$242,000
2006-2010Project Title: Cognitive Ad-Hoc Networks”Desert Knowledge CRC$100,000
2004-2006Project Title: “Sparse Ad hoc Networks for Deserts (SAND)” Phase I.Desert Knowledge CRC.$250,000
2006Project Title: “Location-Aware Wireless Mesh Networking”.Andrew Corporation$13,000
2005Project Title: “High Speed Wireless Ad-Hoc Laboratory”Funding received to establish a wireless ad hoc network laboratory.RIBG funding scheme Funded by UoW.$53,000